Born and raised in Maine, I felt the calling to lead a creative life from an early age. Bitten with the acting bug, I attended college at The Hartt School in Connecticut where I received a wonderful education as well as a solid artistic foundation. I moved to New York City shortly after graduating, and have since worked extensively in theater and film. I enjoy the process of collaboration and always approach my work with an appreciation for process and attention to quality and integrity.

I believe that art is a vital cornerstone within our society. A director I once worked with said that artists are the surgeons of the soul and I couldn't agree more. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of New York’s creative community. I have tremendous respect for the many artists who put themselves out there every day, face more than their fair share of rejection, and strive to create, challenge, and share their work against all odds. 

My interest in photography stemmed from my years on the other side of the camera during film and photo shoots. I was fascinated by the capture of organic, truthful images and the weight of their impact. Once I started training and developing, I quickly became very passionate about this creative medium. Photography is a powerful way to tell a story, and it presents wonderful creative challenges that I enjoy rising to meet.  

Photography and acting fulfill my desire to be creative, but there are many other pastimes that also enrich my life. I enjoy the great outdoors where my interests include hiking, camping, kayaking and cycling. I also love cooking, cosmology, good food and wine, good books, and good friends. 

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my beautiful wife Alison.